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Comic of the Week

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool Party For Keesha

Our friends Shane and Andrea invited us over for a pool party at their house to celebrate Keesha's 30th Birthday. The baby of our group finally joined the thirty club. I won't tell you who is the oldest of that club and about to join the 40 club (I'll give you a hint, her first name starts with a J and she puts silly jokes and quotes on her blog!)
Andrea takes such wonderful pics! I forgot my camera (figures!) so she sent me some. Isn't Keesha beautiful!!!!
Here is Topher causing me grey hair by doing a flip into the pool. I wasn't the only one to go home with new silver locks though because pretty much ALL of the kids were doing things like this (and some of the husbands too, you know who you are, Jesse!)
Brendon even decided to come! I told Shane and Andrea they must be REALLY COOL for the teenager to show up! I am glad! Bren has been doing more things with the family lately and I am really happy because I have missed him. He is so cute with the kids. He had baby Jake for quite some time that night. Obviously they were both having fun!
The author doing her best "Joe Cool" imitation (not working!)
Check out Big T's shirt. We were shopping earlier in the day and I spotted this. I told him he HAD to buy it and wear it to the pool party. I think this is as obnoxious as orange can get and still look good!
The kids swam ALL AFTERNOON and into the night. They would get out and take a break, then right back in. They couldn't be bothered to eat. I can remember those days when playing was THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING!!!
My Tim is smiling! Yeah!!!

It was a great time! We haven't been able to get together with the group for a while and it was nice to catch up. We missed the Turner's though! They were getting their patio done (that is another post!) and had to be there in spirit. Thanks to Shane and Andrea for letting us trash their place! p.s. Thanks to Andrea for the dessert. I finally got my cupcake! Also p.p.s. to Bev because she brought my OTHER favorite cupcake (Cupcake Vineyards of course!!!)

Tune: Swimming Pool - Camera Obscura


Blessed Rain said...

Nice looks like a really fun day out with friends!

andreaKphotography said...

So glad you came!! It was a blast!