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"A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason." J.P. Morgan

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TV remotes are the dirtiest items in hotels a study found.

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A camel meets an elephant. The elephant asks jokingly, "Why do you have two breasts on your back?"
The camel replies, "With a face like yours, I'd just shut up!"

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Comic of the Week

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brendon Graduates From Drug Court

I have waited for this day! Brendon graduates from Drug Court!
This poor kid has had some serious obstacles in his life.
He took life by the horns and tamed his addiction.
Here he is going through the graduation line
He asked me to be his speaker. It was really hard and, of course, I cried. But I was in good company, all of the parents cried. 
I feel like it was a special bond though.
Proud mama moment!
Proud family moment!
These are his dog tags that he can wear all of the time to remind himself how strong he is and to never let his addiction take control again.
Brendon and his diploma
and his coin

Here is the program

the proud graduates
I am very proud of you, Brendon! I know you have worked long and hard on this one. Remember who you are (my son!) and don't ever forget that you are worth it and nothing else is worth more than your life! Love Mom!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Def Leppard September 2016

Before the concert....Super Cool Bryn!

REO Speedwagon

....and of course.....DEF LEPPARD!!!

Good times with the Turners and the Carters! LOVE summer outdoor concerts!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Starvation 2016

I didn't get many pictures, but it was a really nice weekend. We had cloudbursts that would DRENCH us for five minutes, then it would be sunny. What a wild weather weekend! Here is Dave, Tater-Bug, and Brynley having a swing.

Jess and I pal-ing around!
Look at that sunset!
Turned out to be the last camping trip of 2016 for the Morleys. It was awesome!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Warped Tour 2016

Warped Tour 2016! This is the front of the line for signing....
Ash is trying to open her water bottle....

Chelsea ladies! Natalia (Jaek's wife, Kennedy (Stephen's lady), Katelyn (Pablo's wife), Annie (Dan's lady), and Ash. Missing Eden (Alex's lady) and Keesha (Dave's wife)

Da boys in signing autographs

More of the line....

A fan sneaks up.....


Dawson, the faithful in line....

LONG line.....

Back at da bus. Look out, Tim, here comes Jaek!

Ash is being shy. Its hard to be on Warped Tour.....

Hi Eden!

The wrapped bus. New album, Self Inflicted...

Trailor Alley....

Tour Bus Row....

Coming out to go see the show...

Look at these crowds!

David had a little trouble with his sound....

More Crowds....

Now we're ready!







Hawt chicks watching from the Monster tent! (Kennedy and Eden)


Then I went out to for an audience view....

This was one of the rare tours that ALL SIX Chelsea Grin members were present. Dan had hiatus from medical school! Great times! Thanks all!