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"Adventure is worthwhile." - Aesop

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Of all the countries that celebrate an independence day, 58 are independent of the UK, 26 of France, 21 of Russia and 21 of Spain.

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Q: What did the green Jell-O say to the purple Jell-O?
A: Breathe you idiot!

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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brendon's First Car!

Brendon has been saving his money for awhile.....and now!
His first car!  Congratulations, Brendon!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Highlights from the Infamous Tour 2013 - Salt Lake City Show 12/10/12

This picture was from another show, but it shows what the stage looks like.  So awesome!!!
Before the show in the bus.  This is what VIP gets you!!!

The Merch Specialists were kind enough to let us stand back with them so Tim and Topher didn't get squished.  Tim is his usual shy self....

We had a view from the back.  Thank goodness for zoom lenses.  If my pictures are fuzzy, this is why.....


I am convinced Jaek is posessed.  EVERY picture I took of him is with scary eyes!

I'm telling you....posessed :)

Ok, so I know I cut their heads off, but I love the side by side guitars....

Great show!  Can't wait for the next one!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Halloween 2012

Halloween! We started with the parade at school, but Topher walked past me so fast I couldn't get a good picture.  Then we went to his class for the party and it was at the END of the day.  Nice.  I had taken the morning off.  So we decided to go to my work a little earlier and figured we would leave a little early.  While we were there, Topher helped me work.  We also passed out candy to all of the little goblins that came by
 Topher chose to be Protoman again.  Funny thing is that he tried the costume on at the first of the month and it fit.  By the time the big day came, he was complaining that it was too small!
 Here is Lindsey and Colton.  Her team dressed up as old people.  They looked great!
 Later we met at the Turners which is an annual tradition.  This is Lisa and Tate's costume.  LOVE it!!!
 Baer in his costume....
 Roxy in hers......
 Tim went as a basketball player.  Good thing the weather was warm.....
 Topher decided to go as a dead ninja.  He decided he needed to cut off Ironman's (Bryce) head...
 But Ironman won't let him succeed!!!!!
This year Lisa came on the walkabout instead of Dave.  We were able to go really far too because the weather was so nice.  Of course we went to the local haunted house.  It was GREAT this year.  So good that we came back three times.  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The European Summer Tour - 2013

The boys are going back to Europe.  Fans, you get him for his birthday instead of me.....
Take care of him please!.........

4/05- Koln, DE @ Essigfabrik
4/06- Haarlem, NL @ Patronaat
4/07- Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
4/08- Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy 2
4/09- Dublin, IE @ The Pint
4/10- Glasgow, UK @ Garage
4/11- Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
4/12- London, UK @ O2 Academy Islington
4/13- Manchester, UK @ Club Academy
4/14- Paris, FR @ Divan du Monde
4/15- Lyon, FR @ Ninkasi Kao
4/16- Solothum, CH @ Kofmehl
4/17- Milan, IT @ Live Forum
4/18- Ljubljana, SI @ Kino Siska
4/19- Munchen, DE @ Backstage
4/20- Leipzig, DE @ Impericon Fest
4/21- Wien, AT @ Arena
4/22- Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
4/23- Nurnberg, DE @ Hirsch
4/24- Brno, CZ @ Faval
4/25- Warsaw, PL @ Punkt & Radio Luxembourg
4/26- Berlin, DE @ C-Club
4/27- Meerhout, BE @ Groezrock
4/28- Hamburg, DE @ Gruenspan
4/30- Gothenburg, SE @ Brewhouse
5/01- Stockholm, SE @ Gota Kallare
5/02- Copenhagen, DK @ KB18
5/03- Hanover, DE @ Musikzentrum
5/04- Stuttgart, DE @ Wagenhallen

Monday, April 1, 2013

Punkin' Carvin' 2012

 Lisa's all, "What the hell?"
 Livi with her punkin
 Lisa and I having a "flash off".... Somehow that doesn't sound right.......
 Some of these pics are blurry, but its hard to catch kids when they are having a good time!  Here is Cicely with hers.
 The Place: the garage.  The Music: 80's Alternative.  The Beverages: You DON'T want to know. The Tools: power saws and patterns.  This aint you daddy's punkin carvin!

 and..........drum roll, please.................................................
TADAAAA!!!!! Thanks to the Turners, The Brentels, and The Dilles for joining the Morleys for another successful Punkin' Carvin' year!