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Comic of the Week

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Much Needed Night Out

Okay, so this post should have been about going to the Grames Family Reunion. Unfortunately the night before, Topher got sick and was up all night, therefore Mom was up all night as well taking care of him and playing with the insomnia fairy. Needless to say, after only two hours of sleep, I wasn't to well equiped to drive to East Carbon for the reunion (sorry my family!). Thankfully, we were able to get some rest during the day and didn't feel too bad later that evening. Our neighbors, the Brannons, called and asked if we would like the extra tickets they had to go to a Bees game. So we said, "Okay!Here is Tim with Bumble, the mascot. I couldn't get Toph to get in the picture, he was a little leary of this weird looking guy! After we had walked around for a bit, Topher got in the spirit of the game and let me take his pic (with Tim) with the Spring Mobile Mascot.

After that, he went on an active search for the Bee. Unfortunately, everyone else found him too and it was hard to get a pic. I had to take this one from a weird angle because there were so many kids around. As you can see, Bumble is trying to pose!

So Bumble signed his hat!

I had to take a pic of the field for Topher to show everyone how big it really was. (This was his idea!) Tim is off with Zane checking out the cute girls. Or maybe they were getting ice cream, something like that!

Afterward, there was an awesome fireworks show. This was Tim and Toph's first one up close. I think they really enjoyed it. Brendon was there with his Dad, stepmom and brother and sister so he got to see it too. It was a much needed, enjoyable night out. We had a blast!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bike Parade

Topher and I decided to participate in a bike parade for our church. We went over in the morning and decorated Topher's bike, then off on the parade. It went right past our house, so Terry was able to get some pics. Here are some of the "paraders" as they go by.
We were a little slow, so we were at the end. Here is Topher's bike from the back. I brought the handle attached to the back of his bike so I could push him up the hill very fast!
Here we are posing! We were so far behind, we had to turn around and go the way we came so we could catch up to the front of the parade. As you can see if was freaking hot already!

After we got back, all of the kids had popsicles and chilled out on the lawn. It was a fun day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Distinguised Cub Awards

Distinguished Cub Awards are reserved for students who have excelled during the school year. At the beginning of the year, they are given a list of things they can do to earn this award. There is usually a list of 20 and they must complete at least 12. It is grade specific and the student has the ability to earn seven of them during their time at Mountain Shadows. Tim's goal is to earn all seven, and Topher decided he wanted to achieve that goal as well. I am happy to say that this is Tim's 4th DC award and Topher's first!
Here is Topher with his teacher, Miss Bennett. She is an awesome teacher and Toph really likes her (I think she really likes him a lot too, he is always getting good reports coming home!)
Here is Topher getting his medal from the principal.

Here he is with his award on stage.
These are the kids in his class that received the award as well. As you can see, not many kids earn it!
Here is Tim with his teacher, Ms. Foley. Tim transferred to her class toward the end of the year, so I am sorry to say I didn't get to know her very well, but Tim says she is awesome and he did so well in her class. Thank you Ms. Foley for taking him in!
Here is Tim getting his medal from the principal. Always so shy, he wouldn't look at me when I took his picture up on stage! Here are the kids in Tim's class that received the award as well. Here is Tim's class that he transferred out of. I thought I should take pics of them too since a lot of his friends were in this class. Special thanks to Mr. Zac for getting Tim started and for so graciously accepting Tim's request for a transfer. I have really enjoyed working with Mr. Zac and I hope I have mada a friend for life!