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Comic of the Week

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Distinguised Cub Awards

Distinguished Cub Awards are reserved for students who have excelled during the school year. At the beginning of the year, they are given a list of things they can do to earn this award. There is usually a list of 20 and they must complete at least 12. It is grade specific and the student has the ability to earn seven of them during their time at Mountain Shadows. Tim's goal is to earn all seven, and Topher decided he wanted to achieve that goal as well. I am happy to say that this is Tim's 4th DC award and Topher's first!
Here is Topher with his teacher, Miss Bennett. She is an awesome teacher and Toph really likes her (I think she really likes him a lot too, he is always getting good reports coming home!)
Here is Topher getting his medal from the principal.

Here he is with his award on stage.
These are the kids in his class that received the award as well. As you can see, not many kids earn it!
Here is Tim with his teacher, Ms. Foley. Tim transferred to her class toward the end of the year, so I am sorry to say I didn't get to know her very well, but Tim says she is awesome and he did so well in her class. Thank you Ms. Foley for taking him in!
Here is Tim getting his medal from the principal. Always so shy, he wouldn't look at me when I took his picture up on stage! Here are the kids in Tim's class that received the award as well. Here is Tim's class that he transferred out of. I thought I should take pics of them too since a lot of his friends were in this class. Special thanks to Mr. Zac for getting Tim started and for so graciously accepting Tim's request for a transfer. I have really enjoyed working with Mr. Zac and I hope I have mada a friend for life!


Andrea said...

That is so awesome. Way to go boys!!

Rachelle said...

That is awesome tell my boys I am proud of them! Why did Tim decide to transfer classes is everything okay?

Jaylene said...

He didn't get along very well with his first teacher. Just a personality conflict. Our first half of the year was hell trying to get him to go to school. He is a very good teacher, just a little intense maybe???

Lisa said...

Yay boys! So proud of you!