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Q: What did the green Jell-O say to the purple Jell-O?
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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4th Grade Egg Drop

For as long as we have lived here (approaching nine years, can you believe it!) Mountain Shadows has had their annual 4th grade egg drop. Basically the students need to design a vessel that will protect an uncooked egg when thrown off of the school's roof. Tim used some heavy duty eggshell foam, then put it in a shoebox, then wrapped it with tape. As you can see, he is upset that I am taking his picture, again!

Here is his class waiting for their turn

Loading them up.

Ready for launch!

Tim's egg survived!!
Tons of fun! If I remember correctly, Alex and Brendon's eggs survived. So....on to Topher!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tim's Birthday

Tim had his 10th birthday on the 20th. Terry's brother-in-law Jeremy also has a birthday on that day. My brother-in-law (Coop) shares that day as well. September 20th is a busy day for our family! Anyway, Peama invited us over for a Mexican dinner to celebrate the birthdays.

Here is Tim, his usual smiley self :) with his cake.

Notice it is Sonic/Shadow

Here he is blowing out the candles.
I had to take pics when no one was ready, these guys are so camera shy!


I sorta got Kasey and Jeremy to pose!

Chef Terry

Kody posed!

THis is Peama's "I'm gonna kick your a$$ when you put that camera down" smile! :)

Here is Logan enjoying some cheesecake. Yum!

Here are my grandpuppies. Widget is in the back and Gonzo is in the front. Widget is older, but smaller. Aren't they cute!!!

It was a fun day, and can Peama cook!! Went home needing a wheelbarrow that day. Best part is we got to take some home. Thank you everyone for the party, fun, gifts and visiting. Oh, p.s., Steven and I had a great pic that Terry took, but it might be offensive to some. If you want to see, it, email me and I will send it. It is a great photo of daughter/father-in-law bonding!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!

Last Friday was crazy hair day. It was also spirit day. I had forgotten until Topher came downstairs wearing his Mountain Shadows shirt and his Mountain Shadows hoodie. He comes and says, "Okay mom, lets do my hair." I said, "Oh yeah, it is crazy hair day." So he says, "And spirit day!" With the attitude. I have taught him so well. Here is what Topher looked like. I tried to talk Tim into the Sanjaya look, but he wouldn't do it. Then he wouldn't do crazy hair at all. He is no fun! For those of you who have been on another planet and don't know who Sanjaya is, he was an American Idol contestant who wore seven ponytails in his hair to create a mohawk. Points for originality at least!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last Boating/Camping Trip of the Year

Over the Labor Day Weekend, we took our last "warm weather" camping trip, i.e. the last time the boats go out. (Don't worry, plenty of time left for the Dunes!) We stayed for four days and three nights. These pics are of just one of the nights. We had a blast!

Here are the kids eating s'mores. Dave and Lisa also brought stuff so we could make "doughboys". Oh yeah, they are good!

Terry and Keesha

Livia likes them too!

Terry kept getting in my way so I took a pic of his butt!

Here are all the kids enjoying delicious diabetes on a stick!

We girls had our cameras at the ready!

I got him to smile!

Tim sorta smiled!

Shane kicken it!

Lisa and I always have to do the self portrait. I don't look so good here, It had been a hot day and I think I got too much sun!

Da gang

Lisa and Topher started taking funny pictures. I think Lisa told me the next morning she had taken over 350 pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Then Andrea started getting in on it. It was too funny!

We always have a blast with you guys! Thanks for the invite. I will have to make sure I invite some of my family next year (you KNOW who you are!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Butte Garden

Wow, what a crazy couple weeks I have had! I have a lot to post, so I will start at the beginning.
I went with Topher's class to Red Butte Garden on September 3rd. That is a really cool place. I want everyone to know that I was only the cinematographer on this trip. All pictures were ordered by my budding director Topher!

The bees were hard to catch because they moved so fast!

This is a wasp nest.

Red-tailed Hawk nest.

Rattlesnake hole.

Bat house.

Not quite sure what this is, but I took pictures like I was told!

It was so fun! Thanks Topher!