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“You are the one thing in this world, above all other things, that you must never give up on.” – Lili Reinhart

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There is a stadium in Brazil in which the midfield line lies on the Equator, making each team defend one hemisphere.

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As an attorney in a major New Mexico law firm, I have many colleagues who work long hours. However, the reputation of one of my partners’ workaholic ways even extended beyond the office. He not only had to leave work early one day because of a medical problem, but was also told by his doctor to stay home until the end of the week. My colleague grudgingly agreed to comply. In the middle of the week, our receptionist received a call for him. She announced that the partner was out of the office until Friday.
"Good," the caller said. "That’s all I wanted to know." It was my partner’s doctor.

Comic of the Week

Comic of the Week

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4th Grade Egg Drop

For as long as we have lived here (approaching nine years, can you believe it!) Mountain Shadows has had their annual 4th grade egg drop. Basically the students need to design a vessel that will protect an uncooked egg when thrown off of the school's roof. Tim used some heavy duty eggshell foam, then put it in a shoebox, then wrapped it with tape. As you can see, he is upset that I am taking his picture, again!

Here is his class waiting for their turn

Loading them up.

Ready for launch!

Tim's egg survived!!
Tons of fun! If I remember correctly, Alex and Brendon's eggs survived. So....on to Topher!


Andrea said...

That's awesome! I remember doing that, but not until highschool. He is way ahead of me :) Good job!

Cheryl said...

I remember doing that. My egg broke though. I didn't do a good job.

Jaylene said...

Cheryl, don't feel bad, most of the eggs didn't survive. It is harder than most people think!

Cheryl said...

You are so sweet, Jaylene! Thank you for all your sweet posts. You made sure to comment on each one. Thank you for that! I've been so busy lately that I just did a lot of them yesterday - my house went to crap and I got nothing done, but I did blog!

Jaylene said...

One thing I have learned is that the house ALWAYS needs to be cleaned no matter what, but you will have the scrapbook, blogposts, to remind you of those cuties the rest of your life! p.s. u r a qt 2!