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Q: What did the green Jell-O say to the purple Jell-O?
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Comic of the Week

Monday, August 30, 2010


One day last week the neighbor from across the street brought back something we "lost". Damn that dog is Houdini! Especially when she can get away from Gizmo, because he follows her EVERYWHERE!!!!! When she came home, she SO knew she was in trouble. When the dogs get in trouble, they go to time out in the kennel. I didn't even have to say anything, she just went in there. A few minutes later, Terry told me to check out the dogs.

Here he is, waiting for her release. What devotion. To all you animal lovers, we don't keep them in there for more than a few minutes and it tops beating them with a newspaper, don't you think?

Tune: Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton-John

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boston Turns Two!

Allee invited us to Boston's 2nd birthday party. It was at Lone Peak Park. It is a pretty cool place! At first, Boston didn't want me to take his picture, but his buddy Landon was all smiles!
Here he is "hiding" from Jeanine (grandma). He thinks he is so sly!

Topher is upset with me for something in this picture. I thought the look on his face was pretty priceless!

He loves Boston so much. He follows him around EVERYWHERE and makes SURE he is doing what he is supposed to be. I'm not sure if Boston appreciates this or not!

Kids learn so EARLY. He opened this present and INSTANTLY knew what this was!!!

Alex is helping him open his stuff. Poor Alex. He stayed WELL away from the BBQ, but I am pretty sure the smell was unbearable!!!
He is showing us his card.

His Grandma and Grandpa got him this plate made with his picture. His favorite is "Cars", can you tell?
This face! He is having a great time! Oh to be a kid again!
Now for the grand finale. Allee got him this motorized Lightening McQueen. I think it is safe to say that he LOVED it! He didn't want to hit the pinata, he just wanted to drive and drive and drive...........
Pinata time!!!

We had a wonderful time. Thanks for yummy food and cake! Happy Birthday, Boston! We love you!

Tune: Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Monday, August 23, 2010

South High 80s Reunion - Part II

Day two! So this takes place at the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center, which happens to be across the street from where I grew up. Tim was my date. It was neat to show him some of the places I used to haunt as a kid. This pic is right when we got there, so not very many people were there yet. It filled up pretty quickly though!
Here are some of "da gals", Tuesday, Traci, Jean, Heather, Dawni, and Jeri.
This is my buddy Rentler. Showing off his great physique in his high school football uniform! Go Cubs!!!
Here is Sam, head of 80s reunion committee. They did an awesome job!
What would have been class of '89 if they hadn't closed the school on us. Notice there is only one guy! Steve is saying "This is Utah and these are all my beeeotches!!!"
Kristi, Heather, Jean, Stephanie, Dee, Roxanne, Lynette, Steve, me, Larissa, and Jalyn. I had a great time, it was so good to see everyone. There were a lot of people that weren't there though and I just want you to know, you were missed!!!

Tune: My Old Friend - Tim McGraw

Thursday, August 19, 2010

South High 80s Reunion Part I - Back to School Night

In 1988, South High School closed. I was a Junior and it was pretty devastating. We were all separated and shipped off to other high schools. I went to East High for about 1/2 a year and HATED it. That year, I had the opportunity to learn how to become a dental assistant. Since that usually takes about two years of college work, I left East to finish high school on home study and start working in that field. I still graduated in 1989 (oh, I am dating myself!!!!) but I really had no official alma mater and hence, no reunions to look forward to. Fast forward 2010. Thanks to Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with some of my old high school buddies. Then someone had the great idea to hold an 80s reunion (I love you Sam and committee!!!). As some of you may know, they turned South High into Salt Lake Community College's South City Campus. I actually took a lot of my college courses there through the 90s. Unfortunately, we couldn't hold the reunion there because they were doing some renovations (like destroying the pool we all loved). So, to get around that problem, the Friday before the reunion was Back To School Night. We could wander the halls again and check out the Alumni Room. Used to be the teacher's lounge, haha!!!
Our school had ramps in addition to the stairs. They are nice and carpeted now, but they used to be some sort of slick material. In the 80s we had slick shoes, so we could "skate" down them.
The school was built in the 1930s. Such beautiful craftsmanship!!!!
This is the entrance from State Street. Used to get off the bus and come in this way every morning!!!
Our beloved principal, LaVar Sorenson. He passed a couple of years ago. Too bad, I would have loved to have seen him again!!!
Now for the crazy stuff! Here we are having a BLAST hooking up with old friends! Didn't feel like anytime at all had passed. Just slipped right back into the same comfort zone from years ago!!!
John, Roxanne, Tuesday, Lynette, Kristi and me.
Kristi, Dee and me.
Back row: Nigel, Jean, Lynette, Jimmy. Front row: Traci, me, Kristine and Dawni.
One of our most favorite teachers made it, George Henry! Then Layne, Traci, Kristine, Nigel, me, Kristi, and Will. The trouble with not seeing people for a while is that the girls pretty much look the same, but the boys aren't boys anymore. They are MEN! They have filled out quite nicely and are hard to recognize!!! Next up, Saturday's reunion!!!

Tune: Back to School Again - Grease 2 Soundtrack

Monday, August 16, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

On Saturday, we gathered with Terry's family to celebrate Steve's birthday. We went to Rancho Grande for some yummy lunch. After we were done eating, the waitress brought Steve out some fried ice cream. We all sang happy birthday to him. THEN, the waitress brought out a cake. I bet you think it said Happy Birthday, right? WRONG!!! It said "To the New Mr. and Mrs Morley". They got remarried the day before! On Friday the 13th! Too funny! Of course me and my big mouth, I said out loud for the whole restaurant to hear, "Its about time you legitimized these two!" (meaning Terry and his sister). You should have seen the looks I got! Anyway, Kathy took some pics, but I still need to get them from her, so as soon as I do, I will post them. Congrats Mom and when is the baby shower???? (hahahahahahaha)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alex's Jaw Surgery

Alex has been on tour with his band since mid July. They had just finished up a show in Virginia and were heading to New York when.......

Drummer Andrew got into a little scuffle with some local Rednecks. Of course Alex went to help his buddy. Unfortunately Alex got knocked down and when he did, one of the %@#$^%^$ did a cheap shot and kicked him in the jaw. Broke it in four places. In fact, the doctor said the jaw above his chin looked like a spider web.

He may lose those bottom four teeth. This pic doesn't EVEN do it justice. His bottom teeth usually touch. If you look close, you can see the crack going vertically between his teeth. I should have taken video so you could see how it moved. Not pleasant!!!

He was starting to get embarresed about me taking his pic, so I told him to flip me off. It brought a smile to his face. Andrea and Lisa, I don't suppose you could use that technique to have your models smile???? hahahaha

So after this pic, he was getting tired of me, so we took one last one. We're flipping off the scumbag that did this to him. Can you say Karma sucka? You'll get yours!!!!

He is resting comfortably now. Hopefully we'll be able to keep him full so he won't lose too much weight. I tell you, your babies are ALWAYS your babies. It was all I could do to keep from jumping on a plane and hunting down those lowlives myself!!!! It could have been MUCH worse, though, so I am counting my blessings!

Tune: The Fight - Avenged Sevenfold

Monday, August 9, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

My little Chef Tim! A couple weeks ago I slept wrong and when I woke up, my neck and head hurt. I went into our family room to watch TV and try to "recover". Tim was so sweet, he brought me "breakfast in bed". I didn't even have to ask him!
Look how pretty! He is well on his way!
It made me feel so much better! Thanks, Tim!
Tune: Breakfast Machine - PeeWee's Big Adventure

Friday, August 6, 2010


Look at this one, Andrea! I got it from Harmon's.
And it was everything I thought it could be!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

Tune: Hellagood - No Doubt

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Day of School 2010!!!

I think this summer went the fastest we've ever seen! We had a great time this year, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I am excited for them this year though. We got the track we wanted and the teachers we wanted and I didn't even have to go throw a fit. Life is good! I am part of their school's PTA (safety commissioner again!) and I feel more comfortable and at ease with the ladies I serve with. p.s. go to convention with them, it is a RIOT!!! You know who you are, Jodi!!!
I miss you when you are at school though! It is much too quiet! I wait patiently for you to return in the afternoon so we can go swimming!!!! Good luck this year and I hope you have a wonderful 2010-2011!!!!

Tune: Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kickin' It On My New Patio

A couple weeks ago, the Turner's called us over for a sodomy party......Gotcha! Not really, that is what I call a sod laying party. They have been redoing their back yard and we and a bunch of other friends came and helped them put grass back. They have been working so hard! So on Saturday the 24th, we got to go back over and enjoy it! Baer is so funny, leave it to him to find a big rock in the middle of all of the new grass!
We played (Bleep!) Your Neighbor. Love the card games we come up with!!!
Topher fell asleep behind Lisa and I. I wish I could just fall asleep anywhere!
Look at that moon! We don't need no stinkin' fireworks!!!
Thanks Dave and Lisa, it was a fun night!!!
Tune: Dancin' in the Moonlight - King Harvest