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Comic of the Week

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alex's Jaw Surgery

Alex has been on tour with his band since mid July. They had just finished up a show in Virginia and were heading to New York when.......

Drummer Andrew got into a little scuffle with some local Rednecks. Of course Alex went to help his buddy. Unfortunately Alex got knocked down and when he did, one of the %@#$^%^$ did a cheap shot and kicked him in the jaw. Broke it in four places. In fact, the doctor said the jaw above his chin looked like a spider web.

He may lose those bottom four teeth. This pic doesn't EVEN do it justice. His bottom teeth usually touch. If you look close, you can see the crack going vertically between his teeth. I should have taken video so you could see how it moved. Not pleasant!!!

He was starting to get embarresed about me taking his pic, so I told him to flip me off. It brought a smile to his face. Andrea and Lisa, I don't suppose you could use that technique to have your models smile???? hahahaha

So after this pic, he was getting tired of me, so we took one last one. We're flipping off the scumbag that did this to him. Can you say Karma sucka? You'll get yours!!!!

He is resting comfortably now. Hopefully we'll be able to keep him full so he won't lose too much weight. I tell you, your babies are ALWAYS your babies. It was all I could do to keep from jumping on a plane and hunting down those lowlives myself!!!! It could have been MUCH worse, though, so I am counting my blessings!

Tune: The Fight - Avenged Sevenfold


Jenni said...

oh man dude that totaly sucks. but nick and i know exactly what you guys are going through!! sorry man well have to go kick some a@s with you :D

Jaylene said...

Cool, Jen, you can be part of the Mama Bear's club!