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Thursday, August 19, 2010

South High 80s Reunion Part I - Back to School Night

In 1988, South High School closed. I was a Junior and it was pretty devastating. We were all separated and shipped off to other high schools. I went to East High for about 1/2 a year and HATED it. That year, I had the opportunity to learn how to become a dental assistant. Since that usually takes about two years of college work, I left East to finish high school on home study and start working in that field. I still graduated in 1989 (oh, I am dating myself!!!!) but I really had no official alma mater and hence, no reunions to look forward to. Fast forward 2010. Thanks to Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with some of my old high school buddies. Then someone had the great idea to hold an 80s reunion (I love you Sam and committee!!!). As some of you may know, they turned South High into Salt Lake Community College's South City Campus. I actually took a lot of my college courses there through the 90s. Unfortunately, we couldn't hold the reunion there because they were doing some renovations (like destroying the pool we all loved). So, to get around that problem, the Friday before the reunion was Back To School Night. We could wander the halls again and check out the Alumni Room. Used to be the teacher's lounge, haha!!!
Our school had ramps in addition to the stairs. They are nice and carpeted now, but they used to be some sort of slick material. In the 80s we had slick shoes, so we could "skate" down them.
The school was built in the 1930s. Such beautiful craftsmanship!!!!
This is the entrance from State Street. Used to get off the bus and come in this way every morning!!!
Our beloved principal, LaVar Sorenson. He passed a couple of years ago. Too bad, I would have loved to have seen him again!!!
Now for the crazy stuff! Here we are having a BLAST hooking up with old friends! Didn't feel like anytime at all had passed. Just slipped right back into the same comfort zone from years ago!!!
John, Roxanne, Tuesday, Lynette, Kristi and me.
Kristi, Dee and me.
Back row: Nigel, Jean, Lynette, Jimmy. Front row: Traci, me, Kristine and Dawni.
One of our most favorite teachers made it, George Henry! Then Layne, Traci, Kristine, Nigel, me, Kristi, and Will. The trouble with not seeing people for a while is that the girls pretty much look the same, but the boys aren't boys anymore. They are MEN! They have filled out quite nicely and are hard to recognize!!! Next up, Saturday's reunion!!!

Tune: Back to School Again - Grease 2 Soundtrack

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andreaKphotography said...

Jay..that is so awesome!! How fun for you. I had no idea you went to South High. My mom and dad went to South High and they were really sad to see it close down too. Facebook rocks!! so glad you were able to get together with old frinds...I mean...young friends :)