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Comic of the Week

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's House

This Thursdays fun field trip was a visit to Grandpa and Grandma Grames'es house. They live in Saratoga Springs and are REALLY cool because they have a park in their back yard! (the kid's words, not mine!)
When we drove up, I noticed their beautiful flowers out front.
Grandma said that the wind had actually blown them apart. Too bad I didn't get a pic before that happened because I thought they looked pretty good!
They took the whole brood to Del Taco for lunch. That's right, they braved it! The wind was blowing about 800 miles an hour too, so much fun!
Here we are enjoying our yummy tacos!
The playground has some really vicious dinosaurs living on it that Tim and Toph had to tame.
Then Tim goes, "Do you have a little Captain in you?" Oh my, either he watches too much t.v. or too much Hearth and Home Boys i.e. the boys trip (You KNOW who you are!!!). We had a great time and we are trying to get a trip to Peppermint Place going on in the next few weeks!
Tune: Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra


Rachelle said...

That cracks me up what Tim said! Better watch out though he's too young to know that stuff!

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joven said...

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