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Comic of the Week

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look Mom! We Made Our Own Shirts!

Well last week I took a staycation. I was extremely lazy and it was everything I thought it could be. Unfortunately one has to come back to reality and when I did there was a $%^&load of work waiting for me. Needless to say, I have been out in the field for the last two days. When I say out in the field, I really mean it. I was gone from 6am to 6pm last night, and then holed up in my office until 8:30 last night doing paperwork. Well, when I got home last night, the boys decided to show me what they did while I was gone. Good thing it wasn't graffiti!

They used Sharpies to make their own shirts. I thought that was a very creative thing to do. All last night they were VERY CAREFUL not to get anything on their shirts. They don't want to have to wash them and risk the colors fading. p.s. Can Topher be any more of a ham? At least I am getting Tim to smile again!

Tune: I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred

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Rachelle said...

Nice work on the T-shirts!