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“You are the one thing in this world, above all other things, that you must never give up on.” – Lili Reinhart

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There is a stadium in Brazil in which the midfield line lies on the Equator, making each team defend one hemisphere.

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As an attorney in a major New Mexico law firm, I have many colleagues who work long hours. However, the reputation of one of my partners’ workaholic ways even extended beyond the office. He not only had to leave work early one day because of a medical problem, but was also told by his doctor to stay home until the end of the week. My colleague grudgingly agreed to comply. In the middle of the week, our receptionist received a call for him. She announced that the partner was out of the office until Friday.
"Good," the caller said. "That’s all I wanted to know." It was my partner’s doctor.

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Comic of the Week

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Bus Adventure

Okay, dear reader...this is my story! For a while now, my little four banger (that's Chevy Cavalier to the lay person) has been leaking oil, making a mess all over my driveway and stinking up the place! I was waiting to get my taxes back because I knew it was going to cost me some greens to get it fixed. I took it in to the shop and they must have had to travel to a Tibetan monestary to get the repair manual because it took ALL DAY for them to finally look at my car and tell me what was wrong. By that point, I didn't want to drive all the way back to the shop, go home, and then have to haul it in early the next morning. So I told them to keep it overnight and call me the next morning when it was fixed. Good thing Terry was in the area and was able to pick me up! He graciously allowed me to borrow his truck the next day (for those of you who know Terry, you know how DIFFICULT it is for him to part with his baby!) because we had a dentist appointment and Tim decides to grow an infection in his tooth the previous Wednesday (the rollercoaster people, the rollercoaster!). Anyway, Terry and I stopped at Big O on the way home because his truck tire was making a funny noise and he wanted to get it fixed. Turns out his problem is WAY MORE SERIOUS than mine was and HE SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING HIS TRUCK!!!!! Yeah, I'm not going to drive it! Okay, so what am I supposed to do? I have no car to get to the dentist tomorrow and Tim HAS TO GO IN OR THE BUBBLE IN HIS MOUTH WILL CONTINUE TO SWELL UNTIL HE HAS NO HEAD LEFT!!! Well, this is what we did...........

We took the bus (I know, duh!) I was quite nervous, but it ended up being quite enjoyable. All you have to do is log on to UTA's trip planner site and it tells you exactly which busses to take and at what time. Good thing my crossing is close to home too! We walked to the crossing in the morning, came home, had breakfast, and caught the bus right up the street from our house.

The busses are really nice. We had to transfer once, and it dropped us off right by the dentist. The icing on the cake was that while we were enroute to the dentist, the car place called and said the car was ready. The car place is just a little south of the dentist. Can't ask for anything better!!!

When we were done with the dentist, we just walked up to the car. It was a beautiful day and we had an enjoyable walk. There is so much scenery you miss when you are driving a car. We found this old farm gadget and I took a pic with the kids in front of it.

After we got the car, we went to Topher's favorite place for lunch, Golden Corral!!! Interesting day! I am thankful I have two cars to make this kind of trip a fun one instead of a chore. I am sure if it had been a blizzard, this post would have been TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!!


Cheryl said...

What an adventure. My mom rides the front runner to my house all the time. It's great. It only takes 30 minutes and it cost $2 bucks! What a fun story. Thanks for sharing.

p.s. I hate car repairs.

Lisa said...

Awesome, I love life's little adventures!

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