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Comic of the Week

Monday, April 19, 2010

Family Birthday Party Extravaganza

Time flies when you're having fun. So it goes for the Colemere Family. We got together to celebrate the birthdays we haven't celebrated since the first of the year. Yeah that would be all of them! January, February, March and April. Hopefully we can be a little more on track for May and June! Here are Trey and Ryan.,
Jason, Rachelle, Max.
Jason, Trey, Rachelle and Grandpa Clyde.
Courtney, Maddie, and Becca being a turkey!!!
Jason and Kennedy.
Dad (Jay) and Sue.
Becca and Xander.
Me and my sweet sissy!
Maddie gets a Barbie! A fairy Barbie! Doesn't get any better than that!
Rachelle wants to steal this shirt from Madison!
I got an apple pie candle from my Dad and Sue. Here I am with the self portrait and Jason adding his effects!
Kenyon loves his Bakugan!!!
Bren loves his money!
So does Topher!
I think Peyton is more excited than he looks! Playin' it cool, playin' it cool.
Grandma looking pretty in my favorite color!
Trey and Xander were stalking the party for bad guys! Talk about great security!!!
Here is Topher in his birthday present! Ready for battle!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. At my house, if you decide to buy ANY TYPE OF GUN, WEAPON, PROJECTILE, MASK ETC ETC, YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR TERRY TOO!!!

Asked him if he was going to wear that for me later, wink wink!


Rachelle said...

Who's that fat red head in all your pictures? She looks gross you shouldn't take any more pictures of her she might break your camera :)

Lisa said...

Shut it Rachelle, you're beautiful......looks like a really fun party!! When are we camping next!!!!!!!! I'm jonesin bad!

Jaylene said...

Puhleese! If you're fat, then I must be a huge lard ass!!!!!

I am jonesin too!!!! Let's plan!!!

Rachelle said...

I want to go camping too if you don't mind a fatty mcfatty coming along with you! Hee hee ok I will shut up now!

Beverly and Kaela said...

I absolutly love these photos! I only have one question? Why the heck was I not told about this big party.

Jenni said...

im with beverly. what the hell are you doing having a big party and not inviting us?? it looks like you managed to have some fun without me there :)-

Jaylene said...

I'm sorry! It was birthdays for brothers and sisters and their kids! We need to get together and have a BBQ or something! Jen, I need your new email so I can send you stuff!!!