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Comic of the Week

Monday, March 29, 2010

First Camping Trip of 2010 - Little Sahara

Yay, first camping trip of the year!!!
Right when we got there (on Thursday) Topher made a new friend, Jackson.

Of course it didn't take them long to start burying themselves!

Hello Baer!




Look! No one is here!!!

Here goes Bren on a ride.

Look at all of that wide open sand!

Too cool for pics!

Now it's Topher's turn to get buried!

Love the toothless grin! Don't trip on his head!

Boy digging that hole is hard work!

Here is happy girl, Aubrey!

Nicole is getting ready to go!

The weather was a little windy on Thursday, but we were still able to have our campfire. Then Friday was a little more windy so we hung out in the Turner motor home and sang church hymns (NOT!) We were still able to have our campfire on Friday. Here is Saturday. Much better!So I heard is snowed on you poor saps that got left behind. Well, here is what it looked like for us!!

Happy boy, Brady!

Classic Dave!!!

Kevin, chillin

Okay, so our last trip of the 2009 season was Labor Day Weekend. We went to wasp haven also known as Utah Lake. Some got in Dave and Lisa's awning and stayed there all winter. When they opened it this trip, the sun warmed those little buggers up and they started flying all over. Who says you can't get exercise while on vacation!!!


Okay, so it was Senor Turner's birthday. On Saturday, we did taco and marguarita night!

Aptly decorated cake!

Singing Happy Birthday

When you're that old, it takes a long time to blow out your candles. Partly because there are so many and partly because you have no more lung capacity!

This is the view from my new hoodie Terry got me in Milwaukee. Pretty cool, eh?

What choo lookin at?Look at that moon! This was Saturday night's campfire!

Here is Tim way up on the ridge. I love the zoom capacity of my new camera!!!

Hey, I found a couple of riders!!!

Peace out!

Here is the big center pow wow

I had to take a pic of Terry's quad for him!

One more of the cake, just for fun!

We had a great time. It was SO NOT crowded! We missed those of you who punked out!! Hopefully you will be able to make it down for the next one!!!