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“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people." - Prince

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A woman's brain shrinks during pregnancy (no wonder I couldn't find my keys.....EVER!)

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To avoid taking down my Christmas lights, I’m turning my house into an Italian restaurant.

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Comic of the Week

Monday, March 1, 2010

South High Cubs Night Out

First off, I need to make a very HUGE apology to my longest, bestest friend in the whole world. Kristi, I knew about this, and I am such a bad friend, I didn't even tell you about it! I suck! I also have orders to bring you to the next one or I am in BIG trouble! So many people asked me about you! I also have orders to get your a$$ on Facebook!!! Okay, having said this, we had a blast!!!
Me and Dawni.
Me and Kristina.
Dee and Dawni.
Cassandra and David.
Ryan and Steve (Steve Gunn, Kristi! I didn't even recognize him!)
Brenda, Anna-Marie, Kristina, and Carol.
Me and my man. That is SO not my beer! He wouldn't hold it up, so I did it for him!
Mary, Angie, and Natalie.
Diana and Erlinda.
Caeser and Rob.
G.J. and Jaci gettin' down!!!
Jean, Erlinda and Lisa. Erlinda seems to be annoyed by something Lisa is saying!
Anna-Marie and David.
Ryan, Angie and Angie's husband? Boyfriend? Friend?
Ryan and Traci.
Check us out! We cubbies can still stomp!!!!
I had to leave early (psh, like 11:00 which is really late for me!) because I had a meeting the next morning. I hear I missed some people! Not again! The next outing, I am clearing the calendar!!!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love all those pictures! Very cute! THere were a lot of people! Isn't fun to see and hang out with old friends.