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Comic of the Week

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skyliners Bus Trip 2010 - Wendover

Every year, the Skyliners Bowling League takes a bus trip. It is usually overnight to Elko, but our "hostess with the mostest" had to have some pretty serious eye surgeries this year and couldn't go somewhere with pressure changes. (i.e. up and down mountains). was decided that we would take a day trip to Wendover. I was excited because that would mean my sister could come too! We usually meet at Village Inn and have breakfast before the bus arrives. Here we are at the start of our trip....
Here is some of "da Gang". I think Village Inn really hates it when we come in!!!

Here is Grandpa and Grandma

Mom and Rachelle

Now, I got camera crazy on the bus. I don't know some of these people, but we had a great time anyway!!!

Here's our hostess with the mostest!!!!

Here is our poor bus driver Clay. Actually, we were pretty mellow this year, so I think it was an okay bus ride for him. He can drive in the snow, so he is good with me!!

Here is Jim and I. I only see him at the bus trips! Unfortunately, since we didn't stay overnight, Jim wasn't able to pass out his tattoos to the ladies. Bummer! This is what a LOSER looks like! I lost all of my money (which wasn't very much to begin with) in the first hour.

After that, things got kinda boring. Thank goodness for mom taking pity on me and giving me an extra $20, a good nickle blackjack machine, and Rachelle to play with after lunch. We were able to play for two hours on $5. Why didn't I find that machine in the first place! I love this trip and look forward to it every year. Thanks Grandpa, Grandma, and Mom for always inviting me. Thanks for coming this year, Rachelle!


Rachelle said...

It was very fun! Maybe I can come to the Elko trip next year!

andreaKphotography said...

Looks like a blast Jay! That last picture of you is hilarious!! You crack me up.

Jaylene said...

Rachelle - That would be great if you came next year.
Andrea - Hopefully next year I can take a picture of a "Weiner!" I mean a "Winner"!!! (Get your minds out of the gutter people!)