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Comic of the Week

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat 2009

Okay, I need to start this post with pumpkin carving night. Topher and I carved pumpkins Sunday night. Tim was in a trance playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, so he was not available. Nothing short of massive power failure could drag him away. Anyway, here is Topher with his pumpkin.

Here is an action shot!

Okay, so our church does an annual Trunk or Treat night. You set up in the parking lot and pass out candy from your trunk. We have always decorated the minivan and played scary music from the radio. Alas, we sold our minivan this year and we were not going to have a cool car to decorate! (oh the horror! dun dun dun!!!!!

Here is Topher as Megaman. I am so glad he has gotten a lot of use out of this costume. This will be his third year. I actually had to go buy him new sweats to attach everything to! Tim is reprising his role as Silver the Hedgehog. I didn't have to make new costumes this year, yay!!!!

Alex, Allee and Boston joined us. Here are the three stooges. Boston is a monkey. I forgot to get a new pic when he closed his eyes. Crazy night!

Well, this year, because it was so cold, we decided to move trunk or treat indoors. We got to decorate a door instead. This was good for us since we didn't have a cool car to decorate anymore (applause!!!). Here is our door. I hired local artists for the occasion. Here are some of the other doors. I didn't get a lot of time to plan, next year, we are going to go all out!

Topher got his face painted
And............... he entered his jack-o-lantern in the pumpkin carving contest..... and won!!! He received a super duper cool pumpkin carving kit. Whoo hoo!!!!
It is always fun to go trunk or treating, but it is TIRING! At least the boys are older, so they can take care of themselves. I hope Boston had a fun time. I didn't really get to see him do any games because I was passing out candy at my door. Hopefully Allee will send me some pics and I will post them.


Rachelle said...

Fun fun! I wish my ward did something fun like that. Hey for some reason your blog doesn't shows that it has been updated for me anymore. Has anyone else said anything about that happening? I was just wondering because everyone else's blogs are working just fine for me it's just yours.

Jaylene said...

Weird! No, I haven't heard anything. I didn't change anything?????? (figures)

Andrea said...

How fun! Love the door idea... they all look great. Cute costumes too :)