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Comic of the Week

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day out at the Witches 2009

My family started a tradition a couple of years ago. It started with just the girls, but it has grown to include everyone now. We go see the Witches at Gardner Village. All of the shops set up their witches and they are so cute.

This was the Witchy-poo!

Here is the bakery's witch

Tim and Toph posing.

This is a witch coming in for a landing.

This witch is guiding her.

Here are my funny faced boys.



Cool haunted house.

This pic was so cute. My nephew Xander had been asleep in the stroller for a while and he finally woke up. Natalie was taking his picture here. He woke up in such a good mood, but he had been all warm and cozy in the stroller. So in this picture, he is shivering and his eyes haven't adjusted to the bright light, but he is still smiling!

Toph and his strawberry milk that we waited in line for 15 minutes to get (note: don't go on a Saturday, it was a MADHOUSE!!!!)

Once again, Tim upset that I am taking so many pictures!

Bribe them with strawberry milk!!!

I think this is a cute pic. I'll have to show it to them everytime they start fighting to remind them that they really do like each other! Once again, most of the pics are at Topher's direction, I am just the photographer!

Here we are at our first shop. After the day was over, I realized my mom didn't get in any of the photos! Next year!!!

Da gang!

Witch flying/riding her bike.

Witch in the boat.

These were only a few, there are just too many to take pics of!

These guys are so funny, always making faces.

Natty and her brood.

Shella and her brood.

Da girls!

Me and (half) my brood!

It was really fun, but stressful trying to navigate the crowd. Next year we are going to be smart about it and plan it on a weekday so that we can enjoy ourselves more!


Rachelle said...

I had so much fun love ya!

Andrea said...

I love Gardner Village. Super cute pics!

Beverly and Kaela said...

I have never been, but I think I may have to join you all next year. Looks like fun.