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Comic of the Week

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Blitz!

Well, the Colemere Family wrapped up its birthday parties for the rest of the year so we can concentrate on celebrating the holidays! (I know, any excuse to party!). This bash represents September, October, November and December birthdays. Missed you Jason, Courtney, Maddie and Kennedy!
Here is the cute cake Natty made! By the way, here is her business blog

Here are my grand puppies! I am glad these guys bring their dogs with them like I take mine with me! Front left is Tiger (my dad and Sue's dog), then Rev (Rachelle and Ryan's dog), and in the back is Maximus (my mom's dog) They thought they were being tortured because we made them stay outside!

Here is Ryan playing sports with Trey and Xander.

Rachelle and Becca. Happy big 3----0 Rachelle! I mean Shella! :) (She is gonna hurt me for that one. Nice blur on the camera, Jaylene!) Becca is also turning 14. Where does the time go????

Becca, Kenyon and Topher.

My two men, Terry and Tim, who don't like their picture taken!
Ryan is so quiet, but he is so cute with the kids. He lets them play with all of the sports stuff.
I got Bren to smile, and pose!

I think this is a good pic of my mom.

This is a good pic of my dad and Sue. I am so proud of everyone, they get along really well!

Terry was making everyone laugh with one of his stories. He had gone to the grocery store, put the bags in the back of his truck, then proceeded to the car wash. He obviously wasn't thinking. Bags went flying everywhere when we went through the dryer! I caught everyone laughing. Ryan was just a little too quick!

Grandma Betty.


Grandpa Clyde

Here is Peyton enjoying some soda. The kids weren't all sugared up or anything! I missed getting a pic of myself and one of Dexter. Also missing is Alex because the rockstar is on an uber tour and won't be home until December!!! Next time!!! Thanks to Rachelle and Ryan for hosting. It was fun!
p.s. as some of you may have noticed, I usually match the music to the post. This Linken Park song doesn't have anything in particular to do with this post, we just listened to them all the way to Wellsville and all the way back!


Rachelle said...

Good job getting pictures I got my camera out but only ended up getting a few pictures.

Jaylene said...

Do you like how I blurred yours up! :)

Beverly and Kaela said...

I love it all, the stories the pictures. I can't wait till our family christmas party. So much fun