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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is the Place! Or Tim's End of the Year Field Trip

Just think, a day away, back in time to a simpler life. No hustle and bustle, just simple living with no chemicals, additives, etc....... AND A BUNCH OF FOURTH GRADERS!!!!! That set the stage for Tim's last field trip of the year to This Is The Place Heritage State Park.

Here is Tim with some of his classmates. What energy! This is the bowery where we ate lunch.
Cabin row. These are a lot of the early settlers homes.
There are a lot of cool house they have either moved up here, or built replicas of. I love old houses, they have such character.
Huntsman Hotel.
Drug store!
Tin smith.
Not sure why there is a boat up here since we are no where NEAR the ocean. Must be from the Great Salt Lake.
Indian Village.
One of "Brother Brigham's" homes, I think.
We caught all of these lovely photos while on the train ride.
Here is the actual monument. It has been YEARS since I was up here. This was the only thing up here when I last came.
Then we got the guided tour. We stopped off at the drug store.
Too bad this bottle was empty!!!
Next we went to "school". The gal that played the school mistress was so cute. So authentic!
While we were in school, someone robbed the train!After school was dismissed, Tim and I were straggling along behind the group. I am so glad we did because Tim found a little bunny in the bushes. My camera kept focusing on the foliage!
It was a great time. We had a blast. We didn't get time to pull handcarts which was a bummer. It would have been great for the kids to see what it was like to have to pull that huge thing for hundreds of miles!!!
Tune: Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex


Rachelle said...

I can't wait until I can start going on field trips with Trey oh wait a minute yes I can I don't want him to grow too fast.

Jaylene said...

hehe! When are we going on a field trip? I am taking a stay-cation from July 3rd-11th if you want to do something.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to go on field trips with the kids. How fun!