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Comic of the Week

Monday, June 21, 2010

Petting Zoo at Gardner Village

This summer is the first summer I haven't done daycare. Kinda strange! Anyway, the boys and I decided that this year that we would plan it out. First of all, we got the pool up this weekend, pics to come later. We also decided we would go on a "field trip" once a week. Last week was their first week off so we decided to go pet the animals at Gardner Village's Petting Zoo.
All of the animals are very friendly.
Lots to choose from as well. Goats and ponies.
Chickens and bunnies.
This goat was funny! He became my buddy. He followed me all over the zoo, and when I would stop, he would come and rest his head next to my waist. "Pet me!"
This one we dubbed "Terry". Look at the goatee, just like daddy's!
This llama is hilarious, although he doesn't look really amused! There were also emus and ducks.
This pig kept going up to the rocks and doing the "bear scratch". It was pretty funny!
These two baby goats were walking and Tim reached down to scratch their heads. It was funny because they both stopped like, "ahhhhhhh".
There was also a sheep there as well.
No trip to Gardner Village would be complete without a trip to Sweet Afton's! The boys got their favorite taffy and I snuck away with some chocolate orange sticks. Yummy! I also have discovered how to use my timer on my camera! It was a fun day!
p.s. Oh yeah, it is summer so PLEASE, don't forget to put on the sunscreen like I did. We were pretty crunchy later that night!!!
Tune: Summertime - Sublime


Rachelle said...

I love Tim's haricut he looks very handsome!

Cheryl said...

Seeing this post makes me want to go to the zoo or gardner village. You guys are having too much fun!