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Comic of the Week

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - 2011

Ah, dear blog reader...we come to the end of another productive and busy year. This is the annual Twelve Days of Christmas post. For the first day, as tradition expects, the kids got an ornament. Can you just feel the excitment from this picture????? Yeah, me either......I gave Terry some blueberry cordials. I had never seen them before. Yeah, we ate them all that night!Day Two made them a little happier. Who can resist sugar!!!Day Three brings gifts of Sonic, beef stick and coloring pages!Day Four: More candy and sugar. Just what they need! Notice the line of caramel coming from Tim's mouth.....I got Daddy some stinkem!!!Day Five: Terry got holiday nut mix. Tim and Topher got really nice waterproof gloves. It makes their hands look like skeleton fingers! No pics of these either! Sorry!
Day Six is an Airsoft gun and ammo for Topher....
and another Sonic for Tim. Terry got pistachios.

Day Seven: The kids got Playstation Store cards. Terry got a cast iron griddle. No pics of these.
Day Eight: Tim got a basketball, Topher got earbuds for his Ipod and Terry got Huey Lewis and the News and Brad Paisley Christmas.
Day nine Terry got more stinkem and the kids got stockings. Ten they got shirts. Terry isn't wearing his....
Day Eleven brings sleds for the kids and a cleaver for Terry. I might have to be careful with the gifts I give my husband!!!Finally Day Twelve (Christmas Eve) arrives. Tradition dictates jammies on this day!
This Christmas was scary because I had just quit my job. We are so blessed because our bills didn't get behind, I got a wonderful job that I really like, and we still had one of the best Christmases ever! We are totally blessed and I thank God everyday for all of the wonderful things I have. I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!!!
Tune: Happy Holidays - Andy Williams


Rachelle said...

What do you get for the 12 days of Christmas??? If you are not getting anything then tell Terry I say he needs to step up!

Jaylene said...

Oh, I forgot to tell. Well, I get a REALLY big Christmas present instead. I will say I got a Burt's Bees collection of goodies, but you have to wait for the Christmas post to see what I REALLY got! :)