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Comic of the Week

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Topher Gets Baptized - 2011

A proud day for Topher has come. He has decided to get baptized. He chose his Grandpa Jay to do the job.
So many people came. Thanks everyone for supporting Topher. There were a few that were sick and we missed them! Here is Ryan's family: Ryan, Peyton, Topher in the middle, Kenyon, and Becca. (missing Natalie, Dexter, Xander and Raylor).Here is Topher with Grandpa Jay and Sue.
Here is Topher with his Grandma Karen
Here is Topher with Aunt Rachelle, Calli, Trey and Uncle Ryan. Uncle Jason's family didn't make it and we missed them!
Here is Topher with his GREAT grandparents Grandpa Clyde and Grandma Betty.
Last, but not least, here is Topher with his family. Brendon, Mom, Dad, Topher and Tim. We missed Alex who was on tour with his band at the time. He was there in spirit (and text! hahaha)
Mom, Dad, and Topher.
I love this picture. Four Generations. Love my family!!!
Now for the fun! No post would be complete with out the funny pics...................
We REALLY got Grandpa Clyde in the spirit! Now you all know where my smart a$$ attitude comes from!!!!
It was a wonderful day! So glad we all got together. Love you Topher! Congratulations!!!
Tune: Paradise - Coldplay


Lindsey said...

First, How Cool for him to make that choice! Second, I love that his face is the same in all the "silly" pictures. Third, you look HOT!

Jaylene said...

Lindsey - Yes, it is cool! I know, that is his standard face. Third, coming from a hawt mama like you, thanks!!!!