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Comic of the Week

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Fun

We round out our weekend of fun with Trick or Treat on Saturday. Yeah, I know, its only October 30th. Don't ask. Anyway, here is Topher as Proto-man. I DO NOT sew. This costume is miraculous for me!!! Notice the toy he is holding, that is who he is supposed to be!
Tim dressed up for Halloween! I love his costume because about 30 minutes before we left, he raided the abundant supply of past Halloween costumes and picked this one. Less work for me!!!
First stop was my Dad's house. Here is Tiger in his costume!
Hi Terry! Where is your mask? You're wearing it you say? Wow, didn't notice a difference! (just kidding, love ya, hun!!!)
Tiger ran around and played with the kids the whole time we were there. He was in heaven!!!
After Dad's house, we ran back home and met Bryce and Lisa to go Trick or Treat around our neighborhood. It was lame because it started to rain and I swear NO ONE WAS HOME! Lisa said there were tons of kids running around her neighborhood, so we left early to go Trick or Treat there.
Okay, the story behind this photo goes: Terry and I were at the VF Factory Outlet's Kitchen Store. Terry found this ring that is also a bottle opener. So he buys one for Dave and one for himself. They both had them on Halloween night. This is their "Wonder Twin Powers...Activate!" Shot. You guys are TOO funny!!!
Madison is the Candy Corn Princess. I think she is secretly saying "Please pick me up! It is lonely down here!"
Here is Peyton as Iron Man! Right on!
It was SO FREAKIN WINDY AND COLD! It rained on us for a bit too. Miserable! By the time Dave and I came back from the last round of Trick or Treating, we couldn't feel our faces! No worries though, yummy warm chili on the stove and a fresh round of cocktails. Watched the last of the Ute game....what could be better? Happy Halloween!!!!
Tune: I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow


Rachelle said...

You guys are all a bunch of lushes ;)

Jaylene said...

Dude! You had to be a lush that night. It was freakin' FREEZING!