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Comic of the Week

Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Camping Trip of the Year - Little Sahara 2010

Oh boy! Mother Nature gave a us a repreave and let us have one more great weekend at the Dunes this year! We are all crunchy (i.e. sunburned). Little wind, great temperatures, no crowd, and no injuries!!! Here is Topher in his riding outfit. Thanks, Gina!!!
Check out this riding outfit! I LOVE the shorts!!!!
Check out Bryce man. He is looking at me like, "Dude, Lisa is taking a thousand pics of me, I need to have you do it too?????"
We had fun doing it though!!!!
Cash was all boy! He loved playing in the dirt. He liked to eat it too!
Gentry had a great time too. She is quite the little talker! What a cutie pie!
Of course, we had to bury somebody! We spared him the humiliation of giving him "body parts" this time!
Here is Brendon up on the hill making those dunes his!!!!!
Look at that sunset! Look at the tranquility! It was an AWESOME weekend! One of the best!
The Casper's brought their palm tree. I told them they have to bring it from now on. Margaritaville in the desert!!!!
Terry showing me his usual sentiments when I want to take his picture!
I like Tyson's sign language better!!!
Look at my cute Lulu!!!
Papa C!!!!!
Dave, you're a dork!!!!
Bren with his momma......I mean Bren with a lobster!
Okay, so this looks like a pic of the stars! I wish! It was actually the ash coming off of the fire because these guys HAVE to burn everything is sight!
It was a great ending to the season! Makes me sad to see it come! I can't wait to start over again in March! Farewell Dunes, until Spring!
Tune: Sand In My Shoes - The Drifters


Beverly and Kaela said...

Looks like a great weekend, sorry we missed it. You know us we always have something going on.

Jaylene said...

Now we just need to get girls night out going again!!!

andreaKphotography said...

So sad we missed it, looks like a blast! Great pics! I am down for girls night for sure :)