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Comic of the Week

Monday, October 4, 2010

5th Grade Field Trip 2010 - Hogle Zoo

One of the high points of my life is to go to school and embarrass my children! No, seriously, I am very lucky that I have a flexible schedule so I can go on field trips with my kids and enjoy their youth! 5th grade used to go to The Aerospace Museaum in Clearfield, but because of budget cuts (always budget cuts, I wonder if the superintendant of schools can take HIS grandkids to the Clearfield Museaum on his enormous pay!) we are going to Hogle Zoo. Not that the zoo is bad, but the big kindergarten field trip is to the zoo. Well, what do you do?
Here is Tim getting a head start on his assignment.
Here are Matt and Erick, the other boys in our group.
Of course, this is their first photo! Then the wildlife! I got some pretty good pics!

My favorite quote..."Here are a bunch of monkeys posing with a gorilla!"
Yeah, so I had to have a pic with the gorilla too. Should I put him on my side bar "Pictures with my peeps"?
Oh look, Terry!
Oh look, me!

This little orangutan was playing hide and seek. It was so cute! It was hard to catch him lifting up the burlap!
Check out this camel. I think he is related to Gizmo!
Gosh its hard to be a camel!

Hard to be a kangaroo too!

Do boys EVER take normal pictures?

Baby Zuri! I took two pics because you can't tell how little she is in this one.
So here she is with her mama.


This was pretty funny
Under the waterfall.
This is one of those HUGE bird spiders. I should have put Tim's hand in the pic to give it some scale.
Sleeping bat
Sleeping bat condo
More bats in a different "cave"

What energy those kids have! I wish I could bottle it up and sell it! We had a really good time. I had a great group of kids. Thanks for inviting me to come along, Tim.
Tune: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses


Blessed Rain said...

I love that our zoo (hogle is my zoo as well) is working on being more natural while maximizing space and view-ability.
I was actually disappointed by the San Diego zoo, they had lots of animals but it wasn't easy to see them!

Jaylene said...

They are working on the "Cold zone" animal habitat. It is supposed to be ready sometime in 2012.