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Comic of the Week

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Training Wheels!!!!

Topher has been walking with me to the crossing in the morning. Well, I have been walking, he has been riding. He still had training wheels on his bike. He usually has to leave before I do, or he will be late. I watch him ride up the hill to school. One day, some kids made fun of him on the way to school because he still had trainers on his bike. That was it, he wouldn't ride his bike to school anymore. When I finally found out the reason, I told him daddy would take off his trainers and he could practice without them. Show those damn kids!! I figured it wouldn't take him very long, but all I did was give him a send off and that was it! He started riding! I wish everything I had to teach my kids only took 5 seconds!
Now he can ride his bike to school like all of the "big kids". He has such a fiery temper, I am surprised he didn't pull those kids off of their "trainerless" bikes and beat the living &*^% out of them! Don't mess with little packages! Looks can be deceiving!

Tune: We Are the Champions - Queen

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