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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sherwood Family Reunion 2009

Okay, ready for this one? This is going to be a LONG post! We had a great fun-packed weekend. What a whirlwind! Here are Tim and Pea-ma when we first got there on Friday. This resort is great! It has spots for camping, but it also has rooms in a lodge, and cabins for those who don't own rigs.
Here is a picture of the HUGE cliffs that we were surrounded by. I put Tim in the pic to give it scale, but it still doesn't do it justice.
These are what I call the King Kong Spires. At night, when the moon shines between them, it reminds me of the 1976 movie. Those of you who have seen it will know what I mean.

It rained really hard during the afternoon, but it quit by evening. We had dinner with the entire family Friday night then were able to enjoy a campfire. The next day, we had breakfast with the entire family again, then Terry's Aunt Fran had a ton of crafts for the kids to do. They were able to make their own hats and boomerangs. Here are Tim and Toph showing theirs off. Alex and Brendon didn't come this time. They were busy!

After the hats and boomerangs, the kids made pet rocks. Here are "Bob" and "Crocky Rock".

After the crafts, the kids played for a bit. Tim and Topher were getting their butts kicked by this hammock. It was pretty funny.
After a brief rest, Aunt Fran led all of the kids on a pirate treasure hunt. They had to get into costume or they couldn't participate! Here is Captain Topher Sparrow.
Here is Long Tim Silver!

Here is the whole crew. A fearsome bunch!

Grey Beard (a.k.a. Terry) was the pirate treasure guard. No one was getting past him! ARRRRR!

They got TONS of treasure and it was really fun. They had to follow the clues to find the treasure boxes. There were 20 of them! After that, it was time to rest and get ready for lunch. Terry's cousin Ashley had a baby chihuahua with her and we babysat for a while. She was so cute, her name is Boo. Gizmo and Dusty didn't know what to make of her. Is she a puppy or a guinea pig???

She is trying to play with Dusty.

After lunch, Tim and Toph decided they were going to swim in the FREEZING river water. Here is Tim showing me muddy hands.

Topher decided the river was a little too fast for him, so he decided to swim in a little brook that led to the river. He must have gone back and forth across this bridge about a zillion times. As you can see, he is in character (I don't know which one, but he is definitely letting somebody have it!)

After swimming, it was time for the jello eating contest. Here is Tim slurping his up. He came in 3rd place. He wasn't quite sure what to do, but I think he got the hang of it!
After jello came the three legged race. Tim is pairing with his cousin Sabian here. We tied them up and they took off like naturals!
Needless to say, they won! Then it was time for an adult/child three legged race. Tim and I were partners. We won too! (although this one was very close). We got medals, but Tim wouldn't get his pic taken with me. So I posed by myself!!

Then came sack races. Here is Tim vying for first place. He won and the other little boy was right behind him. They got medals too!
We had been trying to get Topher over to the races but he was too busy playing his fantasy game (real fantasy, not on a Wii or anything!) We finally talked him into participating in the sack race for his age group. He won too! After that, we wanted to do more races, but that was the last one. He was sorta disappointed.
Here is Tim with all of his medals. He made a killin! Here is Topher with his. After the races, we had a water balloon fight. I didn't get any pics because I was running for my life! After that, we went back to the trailor for naps and we ALL took one. We were whipped! We had dinner with the family again and then they had a prize drawing and the awarding of the guessing jars. We didn't get a jar this year, but I won a blanket Pea-ma had crocheted. Topher won a big stuffed monkey (now Kung-Fu Monkey has a dad!), Terry won some chocolate body spray and lotion (funny!), and Tim won a hand made wooden pen. Tim and I traded so he could have the blanket Pea-ma made. He slept with it that night. Later on that night, we had our last campfire. Here are some of Terry's cousins. This is Tom and his wife Misty. The little boy is Terry's cousin Tish's son. He was literally sleeping sitting up!
This is Terry's cousin Toni.
Terry's cousin Tish is being squashed by her husband Jeff.

Our campfire stories ranged from getting shot, to bears, to farts, to school, to kids, to whatever else, you name it! We had a great time, always love going to Sherwood functions, it is a blast. Can't wait for 2011!!!!


Rachelle said...

Wow it looks like we need Terry's aunt to come plan our next family reunion!

Lisa said...

Looks like a really fun trip! Wish you were coming on more with me!! I need my camping buddy back! I have no one!!!! WAAAAWAAAWAAAA should I keep going??

Cheryl said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love all the fun games they played! I love all your fun pics!