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Comic of the Week

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindergarten goes to Hogle Zoo!

The annual kindergarten trip to Hogle Zoo that Mountain Shadows Elementary takes every year is here again. This is the first year I didn't have any younger children at home, so I got to be an official chaperone and ride on the bus. Here is Topher's group. There is Topher, Alex, Daniel......
and Yesenia and Nathalie. We sat at the back which is like sitting at the back of a roller coaster, bumpy and crazy!!
There is a gal that has always come into the classroom to help with her daughter as well. Her older daughter is also in Tim's class, so we have become friends (her name is Jill). We decided to join our two groups together. They posed for us when we first got there! Have you ever tried to keep a bunch of kindergarteners still when they first arrive at the zoo! (didn't think so!)

Okay, Nathalie, Alex, Yesenia, Elsa, Salvador, Andrew, Daniel, Kolton, and Topher. Only a mom that is in the classroom ALL OF THE TIME would know this :)
Here is Topher by the Cockatoo. He is such the poser lately!

Here we are by a cool looking orange bird. Topher wanted me to take this pic. I had to take it quick because I was under another bird's butt and I just knew it was waiting to poop on me!

Here is a scary looking croc! I just love Topher's facial expressions (can you say ham?)

Here are Topher and Alex by "Topher's favorite bird" a parrot. In fact, every bird we passed was his favorite, and every monkey we passed was his favorite as well.
This is the "GQ Smooth" photo that Topher insisted I take of him and Alex. (did I say ham?)

They were at the entrance to this cave you can go in and actual get up close to the elephant. Here we are underneath the big fella while he was having his lunch.
Here are a bunch of monkeys posing on a gorilla!

This was a blast, but it wore my butt out! I swear, I don't know how teachers do it! I am out of practice since my daycare has dwindled down to one! (plus two occasionally) Topher fell asleep on the bus on the way home and I lost my hat out the window (good thing it was an old one). Thanks to Jill for keeping me sane during the trip!


Andrea said...

How fun! I really need to take the kids up there this summer. I love the zoo. Great pics of Topher :)

Barbara said...

what a fun place to take kids! He looks like he had a blast.