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Comic of the Week

Friday, June 26, 2009

News... might be scary....might be exciting... or maybe a little of both!

You are reading the blog of the new Safety Commissioner of the Mountain Shadows PTA. I am excited about this, but a little overwhelmed. This coming school year will be the first time I am...

A. No longer a student myself (It feels so good to be graduated!)

B. No longer a full time daycare provider (mixed feelings)

C. My youngest child will be in school full time, thereby allowing me more freedom to move about (I'm getting old!)

I am reaching out to you, fair readers, to use as a resource for ideas. My responsibilities include:

Green Ribbon Week - Basically safety aspects of getting to and from school in a safe manner. (All through the month of September)

Red Ribbon Week - This is the anti drug week (Sometime during October)

Walk Your Children to School Safely Day - pretty self explanatory. (Also during October)

All of this basically happens during September and October, so with both feet, I am jumping in!


Rachelle said...

Good luck I have no suggestions for you sorry! But write down what you do in case I ever have to do something like that. Also stop rubbing it in that you are done with school some of us just got done with class and are extremely tired!!

Gary and Debbie Rex said...

Congratulations on all you exciting milestones this year - you're going to do a great job as Safety Commissioner!!!