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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You think I look bad, you should see the other guy (girl)!

This is not for the faint of heart. I had just sat down to lunch today and the school called to tell me Tim had a "collision". What is sad is that the little girl he ran into, has the exact size bump in the exact same place. Can you say concussion! They didn't think I was very funny when I called them the Unicorn Twins. This is the biggest goose egg I have ever seen (and believe me, in my line of work, I have seen a lot of them!). I will be on concussion watch for the next 24!


Rachelle said...

OMG! Poor Timmy I feel so bad.

Andrea said...

Yikes!! That is huge! I hope he feels better, poor guy.

Lisa said...

Holy Hell! How does that even happen! Tell him I hope it doesn't hurt too much! Love ya!

Keesha said...

Pretty sure that is one of the biggest bumps on the head I have ever seen. Hope Timmy and the other kid are both doing better.