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Comic of the Week

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

While out trick or treating, we ran into Michael Myers Turner! He caught Tim!

And then he caught Toph!
This caused Topher to turn into Jason Voorhees Morley. Daddy doesn't give him enough allowance!

Now Michael Myers Turner is getting them both!

When we arrived at Dave and Lisa's we split off like we usually do. Dave and I took the kids trick or treating while Terry and Lisa remained to "hold the fort" and make us pizza. It is pretty fun to trick or treat with Michael Myers. No one messes with you and it is pretty good entertainment watching teenagers run away at top speed.


Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a fun Halloween. I love how creative your kids get with their costumes.

The Coopers said...

Timmy and Toph were sonic characters who would have ever guessed???

Jaylene said...

Actually, Megaman is his own character complete with his own video game and tv show. But, yes, they were both video game characters, go figure!

Andrea said...

That is so funny. Looks like a good time. Great costumes!