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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I wonder what if feels like to be the mother of a rockstar......

Alex's band signed to a record label! It is a small label called Statik Factory Records, but they are paying for a lot of their merchandise now (I'm still working on your shirt, Dave!) and their tour dates. This is their latest promotional pic. In case you can't tell, Alex is the one in the middle. They are headed on tour again and this time they are playing venues out east! I sure hope this works out for him, because his heart and soul is in this and not in school! Love you Alex!


Lisa said...

That is AwesomE! I like this photo more than the first! GO ALEX!!!!!!

The Coopers said...

I could really use a rich nephew!! Just remind him who is favorite aunt is!

Andrea said...

That is so cool! Good Luck to him!!

jamie-mooner said...

This is a friend of alexs.
I live in St. George. hahaha :D
they stay at my house when they come down here.I am happy for them. Hopefully they can succeed with all that they do. I love their music!
w00000h (:

jamie-mooner said...
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