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Comic of the Week

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Losers Finally Win

Terry and Neil always try to win the Girls on Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, they always lose. So tonight, for the first time in a long time, they finally won. They were so excited they had to have us take their picture. So here ya go boys, here is your glory! (til the next game!)


The Coopers said...

Wow did Neil lose a lot of weight or do I just not remember what he looks like??

Jaylene said...

He has lost almost a whole person since he became diabetic about two years ago. He is really thin now (sometimes too thin!)

Andrea said...

Oh how the tables do turn. Don't you just love that when the girls win all the questions are easy but that is not the case when the boys win...?? Remember that time we played battle of the sexes....that was so funny! We kicked butt!!

Lisa said...

I totally remember battle of the sexes too! so funny! I can't wait to see you on Halloween! It wasn't the same without you at the dunes......