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Comic of the Week

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Attention Idiots!

Listen people, pay attention when you drive. Especially in the morning when KIDS ARE WALKING TO SCHOOL! I know you have a busy life and I know that work is important and I know that you just have to TEXT YOUR BOY TOY. But know this, I work for the WJPD which means Witch Jaylene will knock you Punk ass Down if you try to go through my stop sign! No arguments, you will be sorry, end of story. At the very least, you travel to work with a stop sign wedged in your back window. (or up your booty if I can reach you!)


The Coopers said...

Rough morning??

Jaylene said...

Ah, some bitch almost hit me is all. It is like the sixth or seventh time it has happened. I just thought I would put it on the blog because I thought they were kinda like a diary. I also thought it might raise awareness. I also thought it might be funny, but maybe it didn't come across that way!

The Coopers said...

No it was pretty funny!