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TV remotes are the dirtiest items in hotels a study found.

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Comic of the Week

Monday, November 7, 2011

Witches at Gardener Village 2011

Time for the annual witches post! I think our secret is out because it gets busier every year! It didn't completely piss me off this year though so we were doing well! The kids love to get their faces painted. Here is Maddie's Hello Kitty.Of course the boys have to be TOUGH! Here is Trey's tattoo.....and Topher's..................Maddie, Kennedy and Topher in front of the piano playing witch.Topher and Maddie sitting on the rock wall so they can watch the ducks. The Boat Witch is in the background.This one is our favorite. Witchypoo! Stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!Look at this sweetie! She is hard to impress! Tim, Topher and I were making extremely funny faces and making complete dorks of ourselves to get this smile. I think she knew everyone was staring at us and wanted to make us use our full dork potential. As always, it was a blast. We didn't stay as long this year and we were missing quite a few people (you know who you are!) Later we went and played with Grandpa and Grandma Grames, then went to Mom's house for pizza and Foul Play. Great day!!!

Tune: Good Time - Alan Jackson

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