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Comic of the Week

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Punkin' Carvin' 2011

I think this was our best punkin carvin party yet! Here is our yummy witches brew. The adult brew was EVEN BETTER! Hahahaha!
Liz and Bryce made this super cute pumpkin cake. It was YUMMY!
We are SO serious! Punkin Carvin is NO laughing matter!!!This is a funny pic. Not quite sure what Dave is doing???...............Trey getting into it!Yummy!!!!!Topher was very professional this year. He had planned WELL in advance what type of carving he wanted to do. He also busted out his kit that he won last year in a pumpking carving contest!Success!What's at the bottom of a pumpkin????Finished!!!Dave knows how to do it!!!Gooey!!!I think the adults may have had more fun than the kids.........Tim hard at work... I love the look on everyone's face. Because Dave used his drill, his pumpkin took like five minutes.Topher's scary pumpkin!Okay, here is our contributing to the delinquency of a minor photo. Dave is looking to see if Rachelle is watching. Leave it to us to corrupt the youth!Wow Dave, how much did you give her????? (just kidding. The beer wasn't even opened yet and we just happened to catch her with her eyes a little closed. I promised Rachelle I wouldn't put this on Facebook, but I didn't say ANYTHING about not putting it on the blog!)

Trey with his finished pumpkin.Tim with his. Can he EVER take a normal picture?Topher with his finished pumpkin.Payton with his.Melissa with hers!Last, but not least, Bryce with his.Here they are in the dark.....woooooo oooooooo ooooooo!So during the evening, we ate potato cheese soup with crescent rolls (to die for!) Then the boys got rowdy. Here is a sampling of the all star wrestling that went on!Not sure if Dave is winning or if the kids are.........What a great time! Thanks to Lisa for sharing some of her photos with me. Next time we need to make sure we get at least ONE with her in it! I promise she was there though! Can't wait for Punkin Carvin' 2012!!!

Tune: Chariots of Pumpkins - John Carpenter

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