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TV remotes are the dirtiest items in hotels a study found.

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Comic of the Week

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun with Bryce Part One - Bryce's Birthday

Jungle Jim's.......the greatest place on Earth........okay, well maybe not on Earth, but definitely in Midvale! Bryce invited the Morley clan to help him celebrate his birthday. Here is Payton waiting to ride the.........what is this ride called anyway??????
Topher went straight to the playground. Go figure!!!!
Okay start the ride already!!!!!
Tim is teaching Bryce how it is done!!!!!
Boy in the plastic bubble!
There were so many people taking Bryce's picture, he wasn't sure where to look! We looked like the paparazzi!
Images of things to come when Tim gets his driver's license!!!
and Topher as well!
Just think, all of these boys will be out there on public roads in about 5-8 years. Stay off of the sidewalks!!!!
Bryce will be the donut master! It was so cute/funny, he couldn't get his car going forward. He just went around in circles.........
Here's Madison just kickin' it. I wonder what she is thinking?........
When getting on this ride, Topher asked if it was "lame". I said how can it be lame if it spins around? When he got off, he did indeed proclaim that it was lame because it didn't go fast enough!
Tim, is getting tired of my pictures at this point.
He had a pretty good time once it got going.
Here is the birthday boy with all of his presents........
and with his cake!
It was so much fun and I am glad we got invited! We ate pizza, salad, and soda! Bryce didn't want to leave! Happy Birthday, Bryce!
Tune: Come Out and Play - The Offspring

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