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Comic of the Week

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now For a Short Break - Christmas Dogs

Now comes the time of the year that the dogs just day! They are so funny when I drop them off. I literally had to mop Dusty up off the floor of the groomer to pick her up and give her to the lady. Then she runs from me when I want to take her picture too. I have to sneak up on her or she won't look at me. Sound like someone we know????? (Tim)
Last year Gizmo looked like he'd been smoking weed. I took them to a different groomer this year. I guess they don't pass out drugs. He looks like he has been beaten. Or maybe that is the guilty look for making him smell good ("I worked on that horrid smell for MONTHS and you took it away from me!:)
I provided the Christmas bandanas. Don't worry, Santa Claus took REALLY good care of them and trauma is forgotten. At least until next time................
Tune: Christmas is Going to the Dogs - The Eels

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