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Comic of the Week

Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Day - 2010

Now for the wrap up of the marathon blog Christmas posts. We come to THE day, and oh what a day! Kids got spoiled, as usual!

I mean ALL of the kids....

Alex and Brendon spent Christmas at their dad's house this year.
Here is all of the stocking loot!!!!!!!!!!!
The toys were Terry's DREAM! Anything he can put together.......and he is in HEAVEN!!!
Dusty is so funny, whenever she gets a new bone, she has to put her "stank" on it. She is rolling around on it in her dog bed. What a goof!!!
Of course Santa brought CASH!

The first place we hit was Grandpa Steven's and Peama's for brunch. She always makes such a good meal we have to roll on out of there. WE got spoiled at their house. All kinds of goodies, but best of all.....Peama's homemade caramels...yum!!!! Next up we went to Grandpa Jay and Sue's house. These next images are pretty funny. I had the camera on burst to catch Tiger because he is so fast. I caught him jumping up on me and this is what it looked like......Yeah this is his face RIGHT IN THE LENS!
Then he backed off a bit. He is too funny!
I think dad liked what we got him! We got spoiled here too.
I think Raylor is hungry, what do you think???
After Dad's we went home to rest a bit, then off to mom's for the evening's finale. Here are some super cute little booties for MiniCoop.
Boston and Allee came with Alex! I was so excited!!!
I felt bad though. Last year, everyone had presents for Allee and Boston, and then things happened that they didn't make it. Now this year they made it, and no one had presents for them. Sorry!!!!
Too cool!
Topher got his blankie! He had been waiting for that!
Tim got Sonic! I think that was his favorite present of the day!
Grandpa and Grandma gave us a very special gift ($$$) which was WAY TOO MUCH!!!! It was greatly appreciated and put to VERY good use!!!!!
This year Jason and Courtney brought Sue with them. I was really glad she could join us!!!
Hanh and Brian came later, but I didn't get their picture. We had a great Christmas; so lucky, blessed and loved. Merry Christmas 2010 everyone!!!!
Tune: Special Christmas - ?????

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