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"Adventure is worthwhile." - Aesop

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Of all the countries that celebrate an independence day, 58 are independent of the UK, 26 of France, 21 of Russia and 21 of Spain.

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Q: What did the green Jell-O say to the purple Jell-O?
A: Breathe you idiot!

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Comic of the Week

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look at my little artist!

Tim decided he wanted to put a drawing of Sonic on his YouTube home page. So he got out his pencils and drew this. Freehand. No tracing. He is nine. I think it is amazing. But I am the mom, you decide.


Andrea said...

Heck ya it's awesome!! Great job Tim!!

Rachelle said...

You know I love it!

Cheryl said...

I love the picture! I think it's great!