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Comic of the Week

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Graduation Ceremony

The day finally has come, my graduation! This is the official ceremony for the University of Phoenix!

Here I am outside the dressing room. It was high school all over again. All of the girls were helping each other get their caps on. Hairpins, hairpins, hairpins!
I didn't think I would be able to get pictures because they told us once we were "on the floor" we wouldn't be allowed to leave. Ya right! So here is a picture of my honey and me!

Here is one of my wonderful kids. Alex is missing. He had a show in Colorado and couldn't be there. The life of the budding rock star!

Here is my mom, my grandpa, my grandma, Rachelle and Trey. My dad and Sue came as well as Terry's mom and dad. I have pictures with my dad, but Stephen and Kathy bailed (I think they didn't want their picture taken)! Don't worry! I'll get ya!

This picture is kind of fuzzy, but it is me passing my sister on the way up to the stage to get my recognition.

Here I am making it official! Speaking of official, this ceremony was graduation, but it won't really be official until I complete my last class. The last day of that class is June 15th, hence the countdown clock on my blog. As soon as I pass that class, I have to send in my request for my diploma and that will be it! I expect to recieve it sometime in July and then it will be PARTY TIME! Turner told me he won't come until I actually have a diploma to show! That's ok. I want to show it off anyway!


Rachelle said...

Good job Sista!!

Barbara said...

congrats! what a great accomplishment. You are amazing to be able to balance family, school, and how many jobs.
Way to go girl!!!

Beverly and Kaela said...

Way to go! You are awsome, I don't know how you do it all. Let me know when the big party is

Lisa said...

So exciting! You rock! And screw Turner....we will party when we want to! Love ya!

Donavan Family said...

Nice job Jaylene! You are an inspiration!