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Comic of the Week

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Animals!

We went to see Rachelle, Ryan and Trey in Wellsville on Thursday. Baby animal days was going on at the America West Heritage Center (I hope I got that right!). Here is our first stop, the barn!

Our next stop was a donation to the kids shelter. Tim picked out an elephant mask for his donation.
Topher picked out a balloon for his. It is in his favorite color, green!

Then off to jail!

Topher is so funny with his faces right now. Rachelle told him to look sad because he was in jail, so he did.

We then did a treasure hunt out in the woods. It was about the history of Cache Valley and we had to find the clues!

No outing could be complete without a picture with the Easter Bunny! (p.s. Brendon wouldn't get in this one, go figure!)

There was a reptile exhibit in the same building so the kids got to hold baby turtles.

You can barely see them so I had to get a closeup.

There were hatchets to throw. Tim did pretty good!

Brendon hit the target on his last throw. Way to go Bren!

Topher was holding his bunny, he did such a good job, the bunny went to sleep!

Then, the boys got to shoot arrows

Topher tried to shoot, but he was just too darned small. Little body, big heart! Here is Tim throwing an atlatl. He was trying to hunt an elephant (funny he was wearing his elephant mask while trying to hunt the "big" elephant)

Okay so the anthropology department was the sponsor of this exhibit and they had worms on hand to dare people to eat. Here is Brendon eating his.

Here is Topher eating his.

I couldn't be labeled a pansy, so I had to eat one too! They actually tasted like you were eating a popcorn husk, really no flavor except the company had added a bbq flavor. Yum! (not)

Then everybody went down into the scary root celler. Notice Topher is not down there. He said "UH UH, NO WAY!"

Here is Tim holding a baby duck.

Here is Brendon holding one as well.

Here is Topher holding the bunnies again. He really likes them!

Of course you can't go to a farm and not get a ride on a horse! Here is Tim embarrassed because I am taking his picture. You would think he would be used to me by now!

Topher doesn't mind though!

Here is Trey with the helmet on that weighs more than he does! Yee Haw!!
After, we came back to Rachelle and Ryan's house. Uncle Ryan got the four wheeler out and Tim and Toph had a ride. They are ready for the Dunes now!

Notice Topher is already in his pajamas. He is not in anyone's house for two seconds before the clothes come off. Life is too short not to be comfy!

Later that night we ordered pizza, played games, and then colored Easter eggs. It was Trey's first time. He was so hilarious! He was "coloring eggs in the drink"

We even got Bren to color eggs!

Pretty great day! We had to go home the next morning and we were all pretty bummed out. But I promise we will come back soon. Thank you Coopers for putting up with us! We had a blast!


Andrea said...

What a fun place! Looks like a blast. Cute pics.

Rachelle said...

I had so much fun so for sure come again soon. As you now know I have plenty of room for everyone!!

Lisa said...

Looks like fun! I love the jail picture! cracking me up!! Love ya!

Cheryl said...

It looks like so much fun! I LOVE all the pictures! I love the picture of the little turtle.

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