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"A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason." J.P. Morgan

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TV remotes are the dirtiest items in hotels a study found.

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A camel meets an elephant. The elephant asks jokingly, "Why do you have two breasts on your back?"
The camel replies, "With a face like yours, I'd just shut up!"

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Comic of the Week

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom, Grandpa, Grandma and I took the fun bus to Elko this weekend. It is always a blast. This is what it looks like on the way down. Everyone is partying, having a good time.

We play all sorts of games for money and prizes. Here is Mom and I taking the classic self photo
We both one at Bingo. I took a pic of myself with my blow up pillow that I won. Mom won this putrid lime green towel so she started trying to take a pic of herself. She couldn't get the one she wanted so she started getting silly!

She kept taking pics hiding her face, then she would show me.

She took these pics really fast and then kept showing me. I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face!

By this time we had people on the bus looking back at us trying to decide what was so funny.

So then we started passing her camera around the bus. I don't know, I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny. We had so much fun, I forgot to take pics when we got to the hotel. Our room was right on the atrium and everyone gathers there to party and dance. I didn't win any money, but I sure had a great time. Thanks Mom, Grandma and Grandpa!


Andrea said...

Looks like a GREAT time! Your mom is a hoot :)

Rachelle said...

Mom is such a goof!

Beverly and Kaela said...

How fun! and you needed it after the week you had! hehe