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Comic of the Week

Monday, April 18, 2011

2nd Camping Trip of the Year 2011 - Little Sahara

Okay, Dunes trip, take two. As most of you know, our Dunes trip was cut short a couple of weeks ago by fabulous Utah weather. I'm a native. Get used to it. Anyway, we decided to see if we could try the three day weekend one more time. Mother Nature was kind. Maybe a little too kind. Here are Brady and Bryce digging the infamous holes.
Many thanks to Liz (on the left) who was my photographer this weekend. Did I mention I left my kids home this weekend? My human kids AND my dog kids. I didn't do a DAMN thing all weekend, including not touching my camera. Good thing Liz was on it! She is here in this cute pose with her besty Ashley.

Liz and Ashley FREAKIN' loved riding the machines. It was funny to watch. I am glad they had a good time. We've created monsters!!! Here is Liz going for a ride with Terry. Yes, we gave her last rites!!!

As always, it is hard to be a dog. Baer got out of the sun, but it was funny that he had his head right under Lisa's chair. We tried to get her to fart, but she wouldn't do it.

Ok, what kind of a trip would it be if we didn't include the "grab Jay's boob" shot. Can't ever get away from that one. I am beginning to know how Dolly Parton feels. They are my trademark.

Here is a shot of how hard we worked all weekend. You wouldn't know it, but those chairs are HARD to keep down. Quite a bit of work involved here! Kids, of course had a great time with their toys!!!

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Future speed demon!!! Or Dunes demon. Take your pic!

Gentry and Nana (LouAnn) kickin' it. Lou's chair needed TWO people to hold it down. It was a wild one!!! Sampson was ready in case it got away!

Once again, that gorgeous mountain!

Bryceman with his Yisa!

Papa C! Not sure if he is saying "We're number one!" or displaying love to the people behind him!

Mascot flags!

Andrea getting her drink on!!!!

This chair was REALLY hard to hold down. We needed THREE people! Check it out....Aubrey, a Chicken McNugget, and Bryce!!! (Yes, dear readers, the Sunscreen Nazi got fried. My bad!)

Da girls!!!

Yeah, now the pics get into the campfire/cocktail time. As you can tell, the beer was flowing like wine!

Skip to Saturday. One can always count on being able to play Rockband at Dave and Lisa's. I don't think Josh came out all weekend. In fact, I don't think we have ANY pics of him, but I promise, Shane and Andrea brought him!

Bryce taking Gentry out on a date! A Dunes date!!!!

She loves it!!!!

Ashley and Dave. Not sure what the thumb's down means?????

Tyson and Gentry having a good time!!!

Big sister helping little brother. They had a blast!Big T having a good time!

Look! Liz with a Chicken McNugget!!!!!

Okay, so we started a little early and were pretty tipsy when it was fire time. Sherlock Morley.Hawties!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley and Tyson. He looks a little like a Chicken McNugget too!

Fire time after the kiddies were in bed!

Cute pic of Shane and Lisa, but it looks like someone behind them has "a little Captain" in them. ?????

Good thing I can project the sweet and innocent persona because it is SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry and Liz havin' a snuggle!

Dave being flanked by the hawties. He is REALLY having a good time, I swear!!This time was an ABSOLUTE blast! These weekends make up for the sand blasts of some other weekends. I am happy to report I got my campfire ALL THREE NIGHTS! No sandblasts, a tender sunburn (but I lived) and tons of fun memories to cherish! Love you guys!!!

Tune: Nothing But a Good Time - Poison


gambar vektor said...

its holiday time! yey :)

Cheryl said...

Jay, I haven't been on the blog forever. Not sure what made me look today. I LOVED the Dunes pics. Tyson only took two. It was so fun to see my kids having a great time. THanks for sharing. YOu're the best. xoxo