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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Parties - Wave Two

Okay, so off to the Colemere Family Christmas party which should be renamed the Bev Lee Christmas party. She always is the one who organizes it and keeps us together. Thanks, Bev!
This year in honor of Grandma, we decided to have the kids do crafts instead of exchanging gifts.
We weren't sure how it would go over with the kids, but we were pleasantly surprised.
The kids LOVED it and I think the adults did too. At least I did! Let me just say I am HOOKED on making those flower clips for hair!!!
I am so happy because Alex and Brendon showed up this year. I asked for a cute photo, this is what I got. Crazy kids!!! Also, Dad wanted a big group photo. What an undertaking! We managed it though! Just check out this mugshot!!!!
Whole Fam Damily. Amazing no one is missing! It will be outdated by May though because our eagerly awaited fourth girl (Mini Coop) will be here by then!
Rachelle's family.
Ryan's family.
Jason's family.
My family! Here is our Christmas card for next year??????This was cute, brother and sis! We missed Uncle John and Kay, Angie, and Steph's new husband Dan and his daughter (sorry, I am horrible with names). Other than that, everyone was pretty much there! It was a wonderful time and I am glad that we still keep in touch. All of the kids are growing SO fast it isn't fair! Merry Christmas, Colemere's!!!!!

Tune: We Need a Little Christmas - Muppet Family Christmas

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