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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farewell, Grandma!

My ten favorite things I remember about my grandma.
10. Popcorn. She loved popcorn. We always had it when we watched T.V. or a movie at her house.
9. Good hamburgers. She made the BEST hamburgers. They were hoagie style, not round.
8. Democrat! She made me the Democrat I am today! Thanks Grandma!!!
7. Lawrence Welk. When she used to babysit us, we always got to watch Lawrence Welk (with popcorn of course!)
6. Pomegranates. She introduced me to this interesting fruit
5. The Lamenite Generation and Roger Whitaker. When we used to go to her house, we would make her put on "The Big Mouth Frog" song and anything by Roger Whitaker. Then we would dance to it, but you had to be careful and not jump around or you would make the record skip!
4. Crazy driver. She used to back out of her driveway going about 60. I won't even mention what she did AFTER she got out of her driveway!!!

3. Real butter. Her kitchen always smelled like real butter.
2. Candy peanuts. She loved those things! (gross!)
And the number one thing I remember most about my Grandma is her red hair. I'm going to miss you a ton! Rest in Peace, Grandma! Farewell til we meet again! Love Jaylene


andreaKphotography said...

That was so sweet. So sorry for your loss. Love you!

Jaylene said...

Thank you Andrea, love you too!

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