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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, I had been gearing up for the ultimate vacay this year. From 23rd to the 4th I was going to do my best Jabba the Hut impression. Well, I did it alright, totally sick! That's right! I sat on my throne (my lazy boy, not the other one!), with my Snuggie, another blanket, bucket-o-ibuprofen, bucket-o-decongestant, tissues and the remote. What a vacation (haha.) Anyway, I missed the big party at Neil and Donielle's (sorry guys, I hear it was a blast!), but my cute little boys didn't want me to stay home alone. So we watched movies. Topher fell asleep at 10:30 (poor guy!) and Tim and I were fighting to stay awake. At 11:50, we woke Topher up and went upstairs so we could get ready to do some serious pan bangin. Topher was so tired, Tim gave him a piggy back up the stairs.
It didn't take long for them to wake up though. Here they are, ready to go!
Here is our "champagne" ready to go! (Thanks Andrea!)
We counted down to midnight, went out and banged the pans, watched some fireworks the neighbors were lighting, came in and had a toast, then called Daddy at Neil's to wish everyone Happy New Year.
Then we SO went to bed!!! Happy New Year everyone!


Rachelle said...

That sucks you were sick. That's what happened to me last year and it was no fun! Hope you are feeling better!

Jaylene said...

Thanks, I do!