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Comic of the Week

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hearth and Home Christmas Eve Party

First things first! Bev brought baby Jake. Best Christmas present ever!!!!
Okay, welcome to the Hearth and Home annual Christmas Eve Party, where no one wants their picture taken! Here is your host, Santa Turner!
Look at that spread! Whoot whoot!

Ah, two people who don't mind getting their pic taken! New big sister Mikaela, and photo tip extraordinaire Scott!

This gift is awesome! I would just like to see someone TRY to steal this!

Hey, I just heard Jerry say party at his house! Let's go!

This is not NEAR as cool as the BYU cozies I brought! I'll play this while I am driving to camp!

Maybe I can hide my face behind this Broncos Santa. Oh, sorry Aaron!

We don't need no stinkin hospital! We'll deliver this baby right here with this!

Yeah, my balls are WAY bigger than this!

Rich? Shy guy? I don't THINK so!

Now how can I POSSIBLY make this work with my quad?????

I stole the baby deliver kit! This can't be left to amateurs!!!

Yeah, my dogs will eat this in like two seconds!!!

Thanks guys for being good sports and letting me practice my new photography skills on you (I still have SO far to go!). If you didn't see your picture here, it was because you were being a PUNK and moved too fast for me!!! :) Merry Christmas H&H!


Cheryl said...

OR because they didn't wait for ALL of the installers to come back to celebrate. That's why you don't see TYson or Kevin... so sad!

Jaylene said...

Yeah, I heard about that. I am so sorry! I missed them!